Zoning Hearing Board

Contact: Township Manager
Phone: 724-452-7213, ext. 2

Zoned communities are required to form a Zoning Hearing Board, mandated by the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code. They serve a unique and distinct role, one of which is to provide a legal mechanism for considering appeals from property owners seeking variances, or relief, from zoning requirements, as well as having a component for property owners or their proxies to challenge the validity of land use rules, regulations, and municipal legislation, i.e., the Zoning Ordinance. Anyone exploring the possibility of a variance request is highly encouraged to contact the Township beforehand to further explore the process and ensure all information is accurate.

The Zoning Hearing Board is made up of five members serving five year terms and are appointed by the Board of Supervisors upon any vacancy.  The Zoning Hearing Board only meets on an as needed basis and will be published on the Township calendar via Savvy Citizen as well as published pursuant to public notice regulations set forth by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania via legal advertisements in the Butler Eagle, a newspaper of general circulation within Lancaster Township, Butler County.

Zoning Hearing Board Members

*Terms expire December 31

Ron Aiken

Term expires, 2024

John Kovacic
Term expires, 2028
Mark Nicely
Term expires, 2025
Mike Semmler
Term expires, 2026
George Metropolous
Term expires, 2024

Sara G. Hancher, Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor
Hancher Law Office, 101 N. Green Lane, Zelienople, PA 16063