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Public Works

Comprised of an accomplished small crew, led by the Lancaster Township Roadmaster, these employees are tasked with many responsibilities beyond the maintenance, repair, and restoration of 40 miles of municipal roadways encompassing Lancaster Township. The Second Class Township Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is an excellent resource to understand some of the many functions undertaken by not only the Lancaster Township Road Department, but, township road departments across the Commonwealth. This department is responsible for ensuring that all roadways are free and clear of obstructions. Often times this includes maintaining adequate ditch lines and swale, properly caring for and cleaning catch basins, removing debris from the roadway, and mindfully keeping the overgrowth of trees to within the established road right-of-way.

Please exercise the same caution you would on any major roadway when you see women, men, or equipment working and please pay careful attention to all displayed road work signage. 

snow road

Winter Road Maintenance 

The Road Department plows and applies a variety of anti-icing, de-icing and traction materials to counter the effects of snow and ice buildup. The Township’s policy is to keep major township roads, school bus routes, emergency routes and trouble areas (Primary Routes) passable for drivers. When these areas are complete, crews will move into our secondary routes.

Temperatures and other weather conditions can greatly influence the effectiveness of different materials used to keep our roads safe from the accumulation of snow and ice.

During a snow event, it is important to remember that the streets are slick. Please drive accordingly, slow down and watch for other drivers. The snow plows off-set each other while plowing the main streets for maximum efficiency and everyone should refrain from driving too close or trying to pass them.

Please remember, we are fortunate to live in this beautiful rural area (even in the winter) and we enjoy a high level of snow removal service. Please be patient as crews are working as diligently and safely as possible.

Please see the attached Ordinance in regard to abandonment or parking of vehicles on public highways, roads or streets during a snow event. 

Ordinance 75 – Regulating the abandonment or parking of vehicles on public highways, streets or road during periods of freezing precipitation.