Land Use, Planning, & Zoning

Land Use and Planning functions go through multiple reviews. All submissions start with the Lancaster Township Zoning Officer and are reviewed by Gannett Fleming, Lancaster Township’s appointed engineering firm. Depending upon the scope of the project and requirements from the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code.  Rest assured, the officials and staff of Lancaster Township are prepared to answer any and all questions regarding the process and will happily guide you through the required steps. Please contact the Lancaster Township Municipal Office with any questions.

Sylvia Wack          Zoning and Coding Enforcement Officer 

Shirley Stine         Office Administrator

View Planning Commission Documents.

Ordinances pertaining to land use, planning, and zoning, as well as all other Township legislation can be found here, Lancaster Township ecode360.

Lancaster Township is a zoned community and building is governed by the International Residential Code. Lancaster Township utilizes a 3rd party inspection agency for all building inspections. Middle Department Inspection Agency seamlessly handles all residential and commercial building inspections. Please contact the Lancaster Township Municipal Office with any questions regarding additions, new construction, detached structures, or swimming pools. Also, please refer to the Applications & Permits section of this website for a breakdown of what permits may be required. 

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Online Application and Permit Submission Option

The Township is utilizing the iWork platform to provide an online option to submit permits and applications.

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