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Lancaster Township Planning Commission

All meetings begin at 7:30 PM on the 2nd Thursday of each month and are held at the Lancaster Township Community Center, 113 Kings Alley, Harmony, PA  16037.
If you are planning on attending, please contact the Lancaster Township Municipal Building at 724-452-7213 to ensure that there is an active meeting.

Meeting Information

The Thursday, February 9,2023, meeting of the Planning Commission will take place. See below for the agenda and prior meeting minutes. Meetings are held at 7:30 Pm at the Community Center. All meetings are open to the public. This meeting will be held in person.

March 2023, Planning Commission Agenda 

February 2023, Planning Commission Agenda

January 2023, Planning Commission Agenda

December 2022, Planning Commission Agenda 

May 2022 Meeting Minutes

June 2022 Meeting Minutes

July 2022 Meeting Minutes

August 2022 Meeting Minutes

September 2022 Meeting Minutes

October 2022 Meeting Minutes

December 2022 Meeting Minutes

February 2023 Meeting Minutes

The Planning Commission shall propose amendments and makes timely recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on the adoption, modification, or rejection of proposed amendments to the Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance. The Planning Commission is comprised of 7 members, appointed annually serving a 4 year term. 
The Lancaster Township Planning Commission is made up of the following Township residents: 
Christopher Zoelle (Term Expires, 2025)
Derek Hancher (Term Expires, 2024)
Sylvia Wack (Term Expires, 2025)
Maureen Martin (Term Expires, 2023)
Ben Jezovnik (Term Expires, 2026)
Tim Greenlund (Term Expires, 2026) 
Debbie Scott (Term Expires,2026)
Alternates to the Lancaster Township Planning Commission are the following Township residents: 
Scott Brunner (Term Expires, 2026)
Jeff Miller (Term Expires, 2026)
Alternates are called to serve when a quorum is not anticipated due to other conflicts.