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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the Lancaster Township Board of Supervisors meet?
A: The Lancaster Township Board of Supervisors meets once each month. Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday at the Lancaster Township Community Center at 6:00PM

Q: My driveway is being paved or I would like to extend the drainage; does my contractor need a Driveway Permit?
A: Lancaster Township Ordinance #90 does require homeowners and/or their contractors to obtain a Driveway Permit. Permits are available in the Lancaster Township Municipal Building.

Q: I’d like to sell goods or services door-to-door in Lancaster Township, do I need a permit?
A: Yes a Peddler’s Permit is required as per Lancaster Township Ordinance #99. Please contact Lancaster Township Municipal Officials at 724-452-7213 for additional information.

Q: Who do I contact if I have a question about recycling?
A: Recycling is voluntary in Lancaster Township and is administered through Vogel Disposal Services. Please contact Vogel Disposal Services directly at 724-625-1511 or visit for additional information.

Q: I’m interested in knowing what Zoning District I’m in…how can I find out?
A: The Lancaster Township Zoning District Map is available under the Most Requested Resources on the main page, or by clicking here. Lancaster Township is comprised of 6 Zoning Districts. Please contact Michael Foote at 724-452-7213 or email with additional questions.

Q: When is a Butler County Building Permit Needed?
A: A Building Permit is required anytime you are constructing an addition, completing renovations, or building a new structure. Additionally all structures must meet the setback requirements established in Lancaster Township Ordinance #89. Please contact Michael Foote at 724-452-7213 or email with additional questions.

Q: How do I request a Municipal No-Lien Letter?
A: Municipal No-Lien Letter Requests must be submitted in writing to Lancaster Township. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope. The fee is $25.00 and is payable by check to Lancaster Township.