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Comprehensive Plan – Vision 2030

The future is sure to bring new development and change to Lancaster Township. Change is managed through planning – planning for the best locations for development and for open space, for acceptable amounts and intensities of development, for improvements to roads and extensions of public utilities, etc. Lancaster Township is now planning for the next 10 years. The Township intends to prepare a practical plan that will be shared with citizens late in 2019 before its formal review and adoption. To this end, Lancaster Township has formed a Comprehensive Plan Committee that will be working in conjunction with Gannett Fleming to complete the project prior to submitting the proposed plan to the Lancaster Township Board of Supervisors. 

May 22, 2019 – Public Input Session #1
Results from the discussion points and items of interest that occurred at the Public Input session for Vision 2030, the Comprehensive Plan review of Lancaster Township have been compiled and are available for review. Please click here to view results from Public Input Session #1.

December 3, 2019 – Public Input Session #2
Gannett Fleming and Comprehensive Plan Vision 2030 Committee will present a summary of the planning process and the draft recommendations, then take Q&A. We’ll likely have a paper form for folks who want to give input anonymously.  Please mark your calendar and participate in the future of your community!